Wow,  I think I'll call my Dermatologist again.
He is delighted with the bluepeel skin peel healing progress.
A Pinky color was showing through.
Apparently I look perfect for this stage of the chemical peeling process.

My eyes had become very bloodshot, and it was difficult to close them completely at night, and open them again in the morning, but it's not too much of a burden.


Eyes feeling pretty sore,
Skin is starting to peel from the
corners of my mouth and neck area.

Some slight itching  has started where my skin is peeling, and I just took another shower which helped enormously.

My face was pulling in different directions as the old skin peeling process  carried on.

You may be able to see how puffy my face is
It is uncomfortable and I felt so isolated. Oh well, enjoy some rest I said, and you will soon be back on my treadmill.