Blue peel by Obagi. TCA Peel Days Five & Six


Obagi Blue Peel, The 5th Day Photo

face lift picture obagi bluepeel before after photo foto picture I feel my face being pulled at different angles as peeling took place at different sites. In the picture on the right you can see how tightly my facial skin is pulled on my face.

Now is a great time to diet, as I'm still afraid of opening my mouth, and cracking the surrounding skin. I can just about slurp Juices and Soup.
Today, I am still peeling from the mouth and neck region and it's just about to start on my cheeks.

I was told I could use some cream to reduce the tightening feeling. I decided  not to.

obagi bluepeel recovery photo face lift picture day 6   

Blue Peel Facial Peel
- 6th Day
pictures of my chemical peel

Swelling has started to decrease, my skin feels less tight.
I have dry itchy eyes due to the swelling around them.
I recommend Liquifilm Tears which helped enormously and reduced my blood shot eyes.
This is the first time in my life that I have used any kind of eye drops
and the first medication I felt necessary so far.


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