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After the Obagi Face Peel

My face swelled and darkened after the chemical blue peel application.
skincare:blue peel What Does a Chemical Peel Look like 4 hours after skincare treatmentTalking was becoming difficult by the time I got home.

The facial peel made my peeled skin become fairly tight by the evening and it was not easy to eat.

I called my Obagi dermatologist, who assured me this was normal at this stage of a blue peel.

Chemical Peel Recovery

I slept well with my head elevated at about 45 degrees using a few pillows, to help keep the facial swelling down

I had a light cold cotton face towel draped over my face for a soothing/cooling effect.
My chemical peel, skin care treatment, instructions were:

  1. Showers are allowed and should be taken frequently over the first 3 days after the facial skin peel
  2. Be careful not to allow water to hit your peeled facial skin directly or it may sting.
  3. Drink 8 glasses of liquid daily
  4. Take nutritional supplements to promote skin healing.
  5. Include Vitamin C in your diet
  6. Avoid direct sun exposure to the chemical peel treated  areas for 3 months; wear a hat and use a good Sun Skin block to protect the sensitive new skin revealed by the peeling. 
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