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If you are afraid of plastic surgery, or can't afford the weeks of recovery from a regular facelift, then thefeather lift, mentioned on Oprah, the Today Show, and Good Morning America, could be for you!

Threadlift barbed tensor threads are manufactured in the USA by Contour Threads
Overseas they are also manufactured by Aptos Threads.

There has been some controversy on the results. This is a relatively new procedure and there have been some reports that if the threads are not buried deeply enough they can pull free, or bunch up.

The New York Times has a threadlift article by Natasha Singer titled 'Mixed Results on a New Beauty Fix'

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Articles & Books I recommend you to read :

The Facelift Diaries : what it's REALLY like to have a facelift

Natural Facelift by Juliette Kando

Face Exercises That Prevent Premature Agingby Jeanette Johnson

Dr. Perricone discusses the weight loss benefits of Green Tea with Oprah. Reviews of Top Beauty Products
- Indepth Reviews of Consumer Products.

Also described asThreading Face Lift, Featherlift, String Face Lift, purse string lift

Threadlift Alternatives:

Collagen,Threadlift,Chemical Peel,Botox,Feather Lift
Barbed-Suture Manufacturers: Contour Threads, Aptos Threads

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