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  1. Acne And Makeup - Proper Techniques To Hide Your Acne With Makeup by Tim Gorman
    Acne is of course a very disturbing and upsetting condition, but there are ways to help you to conceal the scars and pimples that are caused by this naturally occurring skin blemish. Makeup is a favorite choice of many people to hide their acne. One of ... more
  2. Makeup for Acne Scars - Does It Work and How to Find It by Tim Gorman
    Acne can be a very upsetting condition but it is treatable and a good dermatologist should be able to help alleviate it although they may not be able to cure it altogether. Very often the acne will fade after awhile but unfortunately this can take some t... more
  3. Makeup Tips To Conceal Acne by Ron King
    While acne medication may promise results in just 7 days, you need to put your best face forward TODAY. Fortunately, you don't have to wear a bag over your head. Instead just a few good acne concealing makeup tips will help you look your best wherever you... more
  4. Acne and Makeup: A How-To Guide by John Wellington your new acne medication promises fast results in 10 days, but you've got to face the world today. What can we do to tie over the proceeding period before the acne goes down?Well all you need is to learn a few creative acne makeup concealing t... more
  5. Makeup For Acne Scars! Where Effective Cosmetic Products Camouflage Scars, Not Your Life by William Lezubski
    Are you dropping out of society due to experiencing scars after acne breakouts? Are you searching for quality makeup for acne scars to help you blend your skin imperfections, and to also eliminate any future blemishes?If your answer is yes to the question... more
  6. Acne Sufferers Look Fabulous This Holiday Season With Natural Mineral Makeup by Jennifer Parker
    The holidays are fast approaching, and for many acne sufferers they're dreaded because of the cofines of friends and family. With that many people close, it's hard to get excited when you know they'll get a close glimpse at your acne prone skin.The natura... more
  7. Tips For Buying Makeup For Acne Scars by Mike Herman
    Acne or any other type of skin condition can leave marks even after the condition has been cured.Many adults retain scars from acne breakouts during their teen years and feel marked for life.If you are one of these individuals plagued by unsightly reminde... more
  8. Natural Mineral Makeup - Giving the Gift of Mineral Makeup to Fight Acne by Jennifer Parker
    The holiday season is fast approaching, and perhaps you've got a special someone who suffers from acne. The dilemma is how to present them with a gift this holiday season that helps them to fight acne without seeming overly rude or insulting in the proces... more
  9. Mineral Makeup a Natural Acne Cure? by Jennifer Parker
    Mineral makeup may offer new hope for acne sufferers. Because mineral makeup has several unique qualities not offered in any other makeup product that make it ideal for helping cure acne.To understand how mineral makeup can cure your acne it is necissary ... more
  10. Makeup for Acne Scars - Hiding as You Heal by Peter Crump
    Acne is a pernicious and upsetting condition, and most sufferers long for the day when their skin is clear of it. But many acne patients achieve clear skin only to find themselves left with a disappointing aftermath – acne scars. While many scars will fad... more
  11. Remedying the Silly Ways Women Get Acne When Applying Makeup and Moisturizers by Naweko San-Joyz
    Women spend thousands of dollars to create a flawless face. Yet faulty or uninformed uses of moisturizers and makeup can lead to inexplicable breakouts for women.The two key symbols to remember when applying makeup and moisturizers are cotton and the feat... more
  12. The Courage to Age Gracefully: The Transforming Power of Permanent Makeup by Dawn Willard
    In 2006 women have many choices. Every day the media portrays women in positions of power in newspapers, on TV and the radio. Women are buying their own homes, having babies when they are over forty, marrying younger men or not getting married at all, d... more
  13. Professional Tips To Summer Proof Your Makeup by Eileen Hammel
    As summer temperatures heats up do you find your makeup literally melting down your face? By midday has your perfectly applied makeup fallen victim to the heat and humidity of summer and disappeared? Are you ready to surrender to Mother Nature and stop ... more
  14. Natural Mineral Makeup - 3 Reasons Why It Should Be Your Natural Summer Sun Protection by Leah J Bradshaw
    Mineral Makeup is the natural solution for any person looking for natural sunscreen this summer. Especially if you are looking for a gentle and safe sunscreen. Then look no further than your makeup bag for fabulous looking results and full spectrum sun p... more
  15. What Is Mineral Makeup? by Janis Ritchie
    Loose Powder Mineral MakeupMineral Makeup is taking the beauty industry by storm and with very good reasons!Mineral makeup is micro-formulated using the highest quality minerals and botanicals. Naturally preservative and irritant-free, mineral makeup is w... more
  16. Mineral Makeup (Info You Should Know) by Christina Harris
    Mineral makeup is made from all natural minerals that come from the earth. Most of them are a combination of serecite, mica, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural sun blocking agents and are used in almost every bul... more
  17. Using a Flocked Sponge with Mineral Makeup by Angela Page
    Mineral makeup behaves differently to ordinary makeup, and it will take a few goes and experimentation to work out what method of application is best for your skin type.It's important to know how to use a flocked sponge for mineral makeup application effe... more
  18. Make Small Eyes Look Great With These Makeup Tips by Angela Page
    Emphasising your eyes is one of the most popular choices when it comes to accentuating a part of your face. If eyes are your best feature, it is important to know what to do to make them look even more striking. Have a browse through the makeup tips for s... more
  19. Makeup Tips According To The Seasons - Introduction by Michael Russell
    There is a concept in makeup now of listing it in terms of warm and cool. This can cover foundations, powders and even blushes. It comes from a system introduced a few decades back that can be loosely described as color coding. It was, in basic terms, ... more
  20. More Makeup Tips According To The Seasons - Advanced by Michael Russell
    This is a continuation of the article "Makeup Tips According To The Seasons". Although this can be read separately, it is best to read the previous article first before reading this one.Here are some tips on how to put on eye shadows. Apply first to the... more
  21. Mineral Makeup Differences by Christina Harris
    How, you ask, can one Mineral Makeup differ from another? There are several reasons actually, the first being economic. Big affiliate companies spend lots of money on the advertising package (sheer/bare) etc. Some (un-named) will take their minerals and f... more
  22. Mineral Makeup Applications by Christina Harris
    This article is meant as a self help, general know how for the application and uses of mineral makeup.Foundations:The best way to apply essential mineral foundation is with a kabuki brush, or you can use a powder brush if the hairs are not to loosely apar... more
  23. Tips for Great Skin and Good Makeup by Paul Cris
    Women have always been crazy about make up and skin care. But it is a foolish idea to treat make up and skin care as different issues. Because, unless your skin is supple and firm, your make up does not add any spark. Given below are a few tips for great ... more
  24. The Fundamental Basics of Cosmetic Tattoos and Permanent Makeup Pigments by Dawn Willard
    Permanent makeup (cosmetic tattoos) is often misunderstood by the general public. Many people believe permanent makeup is like getting a regular tattoo. There are similarities, but also important differences. Always consult a trained practitioner who c... more
  25. 90% of all Women do their Makeup Wrong! by James Bayliss
    The reason why 90% of women do their make-up wrong is the complexity of techniques created over the last one hundred years as makeup artist as a rule use the subjective method and not the objective method. To further elaborate on this subject you are at t... more
  26. 4 Step Eye Makeup Application Technique For Beautiful And Attractive Eyes by Alice Calandra
    Eye makeup is one of the most important parts in the overall cosmetic application technique. If you know how to apply eye make up which is suitable for your own; you could highly cheer up your appearance and attractiveness.Here are the 4 important steps i... more
  27. Bridal Beauty and Makeup Tips by Natalie Aranda
    The wedding day is not only the big event in a woman's life, but also the day in which all the guests' eyes are upon the bride, who is radiant from happiness, wanting to look picture-perfect for her big day. Bridal makeup tips, along with the proper hair ... more
  28. Use Airbrush Cosmetics & Makeup To Create An Outrageous Design by Jennifer Puffer
    How much do you know about airbrush cosmetics? Using airbrush cosmetics can give you the opportunity to create some really outrageous designs on your face and body. While you can use almost any type of liquid makeup to airbrush, those that are water based... more
  29. Summer Makeup by Sonja George
    Many of you have asked this important question about your own makeup. I have had countless conversations about the topic of shiny vs. matte. There seems to be a strong resistance to the shine factor in makeup. Women feel that it will age their skin, ma... more
  30. Makeup With Contact Lenses On: How to Apply Makeup While Wearing Contact Lenses? by Ashley Green
    Ralph Waldo Emerson very rightly said, "One of the most wonderful things in nature is a glance of the eye; it transcends speech; it is the bodily symbol of identity." Eye is considered to be an integral party of one's beauty and we at times completely ign... more



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