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Thermalift, Thermacool
Face lift by Radio Waves

Thermage is one of the newest nonsurgical sagging skin treatments.

Also known as Thermalift and Thermacool, THERMAGE is a non-invasive, no-downtime (the procedure takes less than one hour), cosmetic surgery face lift technique that tightens aging skin, renews the facial features and lifts sagging skin.

Although this skin rejuvenation is most popular for face & neck lifts, thermalift can also be applied to the arms and legs, or any other area of loose skin. One of the latest & quickest techniques in antiaging skin care.

The thermal lift procedure uses radiofrequency energy to generate deep heat in the facial tissue. By alternately heating & cooling the skin, Thermage Heat causes the tissue below the sagging skin to warm up. This tissue heating causes the skin to contract and tighten
The THERMAGE system has recently been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show and the Good Morning Show


Cost of Thermage Treatment ?

Thermage cost in the USA is typically from $1500 to $4,000 per thermage procedure.
Thermage Duration

T he procedure takes  one to two hours, depending on the size of the target area. To counteract the feeling of intense heat, some light pain management is necessary.


How Long Does Thermage Last?

You should see an immediate skin improvement. 90% of patients have immediate pleasing results and the process continues to improve your looks for up to six months when the full lift effect is seen.

Thermage Research shows Thermal lift works!

To date, more than 190,000 patients have been treated with Thermage and approximately 2,000 dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other cosmetic physicians are using the Thermage procedure worldwide.

More thermage information and picture to download:

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Thermage® can be combined with other non-surgical facelift treatments such as Botox® Cosmetic, Restylane® (dermal filler) and Retin-A skin treatment

Thermalift has been featured on, among others:
Goodmorning America, Dianne Sawyer, ABC Dr. Nancy Snyderman, ABC Fox 11 News KGTV Channel 10, ABC Univision, Elle Magazine


"Her lower face was very saggy. I see a gradual improvement everytime I see her. I really am amazed, I think she looks about 10 years younger."
"I am 55 years old but the loose sagging skin on my neck made me look a lot older. It has been 3 1/2 months since I had the treatment and Thermage has reduced the sagging almost completely so now all I have is a few lines/wrinkles."
"My skin looks much firmer! In fact, I was out with friends the other night and they kept asking people to guess my age , to see if I really DO look younger, & the responses ranged from 23 to 26. I'm 34!"

Thermage Safety :

Before undergoing thermage treatment, do a search for 'thermage fat loss' and 'thermage complications'.
Check with the FDA.

Thermage states that better doctor instruction has resulted in an enviable safety record:

"In addition to significantly increasing patient safety, the new treatment guidelines have also significantly reduced the discomfort of treatment, since physicians now treat to a very tolerable heat sensation level of 2-2.5. 
Finally, the new treatment guidelines, in particular the use of multiple passes at moderate settings, have also significantly increased efficacy from that reported initially in 2002-2003.  Several peer-reviewed studies show Thermage patient satisfaction to be higher than 80%, and continuing to improve over time.2,3,4  Thermage results are most notably perceptible when it comes to an eyebrow lift or softening of the nasolabial fold, and provide a remarkably natural look. "


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A lawsuit brought by Thermage regarding the Polaris wrinkle treatment device has been settled.

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Thermage is also known as Thermacool, Thermo Cool Face Lift , Thermal Lift, describing the process of alternately heating & cooling the skin layers to tighten the loose skin, and revitalize the body's collagen, to give firmer, smoother skin and tighten sagging skin

Thermoplastic contouring utilizes computer controlled radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen contraction and tightening without damaging the skin.The thermage technology is designed to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin

Unlike thread lift contour lift there is no penetration of the skin

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